Apple acquires Regaind, a startup specialized in artificial intelligence and photo recognition

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Apple is usually used to acquire small startups to bring the technologies developed by these companies into their products. Usually no statements are made but this time the acquisition was confirmed by Regaind.


Regaind, with its operational headquarters in France, has always been involved in artificial intelligence applied to photo recognition. By now this technology is so widely applied to Google products but also in the same iOS. The Photo application, for example, can recognize faces, dogs, sunsets, and so on. This makes it possible to search but also create automatic videos within the “Moments” tab based on similar memories and photos that can be paired with each other.

Indeed, Regaind goes far beyond this. Their technology also understands the technical and aesthetic aspects of the photos. For example, if you shoot a series of photos in “quick shutter” mode (that is, hold down the shutter for a long time), image recognition can select the best photo for us. Regaind can also analyze face expression and determine gender, age, and emotions.

We do not know if Apple has already integrated part of the technologies of this startup into iOS 11. Even the Animoji and Face IDs of the iPhone X could have been tested with the Regaind APIs.

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