Samsung earns more from the sale of iPhone X than that of the Galaxy S8

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Thanks to the OLED screen and other components, Samsung will earn more from the sales of the iPhone X than from its Galaxy S8.

The iPhone X screen has been tailor-made for Apple according to the company’s specific guidelines, so it has a very high cost. In addition to the screen, Apple will use other Samsung components such as batteries and capacitors for a total of about $ 110 gain for every iPhone X sold.

Of course, the earnings for each single Galaxy S8 are bigger than this figure, but it is estimated that Samsung will sell 50 million devices while the iPhone X will reach 130 million. Consequently, for a merely “quantity” calculation, Samsung will eventually receive $ 10.1 billion with the S8 and $ 14.3 billion with the components of the iPhone X.

Via | 9to5Mac

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