Made by Google: tech colossus presents Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL [Video]

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As expected, during the #madebyGoogle event, held today, Google presented its two new Pixel smartphones, launched last year. In this article, we are talking about Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Ask more for your phone: here is Google Pixel 2

‘And if phones were smarter and simpler?’ This is the question we put last year when we created Pixel, the first phone made by Google. Today we present Pixel 2 – which in the Pixel 2 XL version will be available for the first time in six countries – so you can get even more from your phone thanks to the best-ever smartphone, the battery that can last a full day and the Google Assistant.

The best smartphone camera, again

Taking pictures and making videos are among the things we do with the phone, so we decided to offer you the best photographic experience. You will get clear and detailed photographs in any light condition. You can also capture high-quality portraits, with a blurred background, both from the front and rear camera. Moving photos record a few seconds of video before and after shooting to let you revive the moment. The Pixel 2 camera uses machine learning to make all these features easy, fun, and quick to use.

Even making videos has become easier thanks to the combination of optical and digital video stabilization, to offer surprisingly fluid video even when you are on the move. All of these features allow you to take photos and shoot the best videos with Pixel 2. And you will not have to believe the word: DxOMark’s independent experts have evaluated the Pixel 2 camera as the best camera of any smartphone, giving it a score never reached before 98. In addition, we offer once again unlimited free storage space for all photos and videos captured with your Pixel.

Your camera will also continue to improve with time. For example, Pixel will soon have the chance to use actually increased stickers, to add emoticons and virtual characters to your photos and videos, and build the scenery of your stories.

Do research from what you see

With Pixel 2 you will also have the ability to preview exclusive Google Lens in Google Photos. Lens is based on Google’s progress in artificial vision and machine learning, combined with the Knowledge Graph that is the base of Google Search. From now on, on your Pixel 2 you can search for information about places of interest, books, music, movies and art by simply clicking the Lens icon in Google Photos. You can also use Google Lens to copy URLs or contact information from a poster or a business card.

The Google Assistant is getting more and more useful

The Google Assistant makes things simpler and quicker such as sending a message, making a phone call or finding a response, all at hands. With Pixel 2, you can access the Google Assistant with a new feature called Active Edge: just hold the phone a bit, even when it has a case, to ask the Assistant what you want.

Now the Assistant will also help you manage multiple settings and apps on your phone, for example you can say “Enable Airplane Mode” when you are about to take a flight instead of opening the settings to do so.

Battery and safety

Everyone has run out of battery at the least time, so we are sure to provide Pixel 2 a battery that lasts all day *. And if you want to recharge your phone quickly, you can use it for up to seven hours with 15 minutes of charging. Pixel is also resistant to dust and water according to the IP67 standard and has important integrated security features. With monthly updates to Google’s security, your phone will always have the most advanced security precautions integrated. You will no longer have to worry about upgrades or upgrades.

We are also simplifying the switch to Pixel. Most people will be able to copy their contacts, apps, messages, photos, and even iMessage messages to the old phone to Pixel in 10 minutes or less. Quick and simple.


Pixel 2 is made in two versions. One 5-inch and 6-inch Pixel 2 XL, featuring a crisp, 18-by-9-inch screen, allows you to create full-screen full-color experiences (Just Black and Black & White).

Both phones come with Android 8.0 Oreo and have an on-screen display that allows you to see notifications without having to touch the power button. The new Now Playing feature, exclusive to Pixel, recognizes and displays on the display the music that is playing in the environment you are in. With your permission, combine music to a database of thousands of songs stored on your device without sending any information to Google.

Together with Pixel we are also launching new cases and new accessories, including customizable Google Live Case cases and a range of other cases, cables, headphones and more, made by over 25 partners in the “Made for Google” program. On the packaging of these products, an icon is visible so you can be sure that they have been certified as compliant with Google standards.

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