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Things I Do not Like About iPhone X: The lack of “visible” battery capacity

More days pass with iPhone X and I understand, I get used to and appreciate this new smartphone. To those who ask me if it is worth buying it responds with a “yes” really very convinced, though there are some small details (mostly graphics and usability) that I do not like and that would change. From time to time I will talk about this, in dedicated articles where I will propose, where possible, alternative ideas.

Many of us are used to display the residual battery level with the percent numeric indicator. Unfortunately, for aesthetic and design reasons, the iPhone X shows only the battery icon in the top right corner, with a perfect alignment with WiFi and network icons.

There is not enough space to display both the battery icon and the numeric percentage, but looking at that little icon does not even have a weird idea of how much charge it really stays on.

With regard to this matter, I would have two tips:

1. The simplest idea to implement would be to reset the battery percentage switch, making the activation optional. Whoever activates it, would replace the current icon with the percentage number. The number is definitely “worse” to see that the harmony of the three current icons, but it is also much more useful.

Personally, it’s a compromise I could do because the percentage I really miss and visualizing it from the Control Center is not that comfortable. Also because the Control Center with the gesture of the lure is the third thing I do not like the iPhone X, which we will discuss in a dedicated article.

2. Another type of implementation may be what we find on Apple Watch, which is a circular battery indicator, within which we also find the numeric percentage. All this would be more or less the same:

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