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WhatsApp: Incoming Group Calls and iPad Support?

According to WABetaInfo’s information, WhatsApp would be working on two major innovations. Soon we can use the popular messaging service even on iPad, as well as being able to make group calls.

WABetaInfo claims to have some concrete evidence of the arrival of group calls in WhatsApp. Unfortunately, they still have no screenshots of this new feature, but they are sure they will soon be able to test it. Always with the information on their site, this new feature is demanding a lot of commitment to the WhatsApp development team. Group calls could therefore only arrive in 2018, but it is already good news to know that we are finally working on it.

iPad support is instead treated as a simple rumor on WABetaInfo’s official website. According to their information, WhatsApp is considering the option to bring the messaging service even on iPad. Unfortunately, however, this will not be a real application, but rather a sort of WhatsApp Desktop designed for iPad. At the start of the application, we will find a sort of WhatsApp Web optimized for the Apple tablet, which will still have to be paired with our smartphone via the QR code. There will not be, at least according to recent corridor voices, a version similar to Telegram, where messaging can also work without smartphones while maintaining the same account.

Are you also waiting for these two features? What is still missing in WhatsApp to become the ultimate messaging service?


One thought on “WhatsApp: Incoming Group Calls and iPad Support?

  1. I have used WhatsApp for a long time and have had iPads for an equally long time. It’s about time the app was available on this platform as it is let down by this omission. Pretty much every other messaging app has this facility so WhatsApp is made to look second rate at present.

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