The new Mac Mini with Touch Bar imagined in a fantastic concept

Design student Louis Beger has created a fantastic concept dedicated to Mac Mini. The small Apple desktop computer is not updated for three years. Would this be his next evolution?

The designer imagined a rather original Mac Mini. In a rather compact cylindrical shape, the device becomes even smaller than the current model. In a really minimal case, you hide all the hardware you need to start macOS directly from your desk. Obviously, the device should be connected to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to interact with it.

The really interesting novelty of this concept is the mini display integrated into the Mac Mini. As you can see from the underlying images, the designer imagined an integrated touch bar directly in the device. This way, in addition to the classic input devices, you could also count on a convenient tool introduced with the 2016 MacBook Pro.

Another feature of this device is the presence of the Face ID as the unlocking system. With the recent MacBook Pro, the Touch ID has been introduced, but as we know from iPhone X, the Face ID certainly represents a much safer and more immediate system. Will it arrive soon on Macs too?


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