Improved iPhone X Shipping Estimates Due to Better-Than-Expected Production

The latest improvements in iPhone X’s shipping times are joy for the many users who are expecting the new Apple top range device. This situation is rather improvements in the production of the device, and not of a minor request, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst at KGI Securities.

According to Kuo’s latest announcement sent to investors, iPhone X’s production problems have been almost over the past few weeks, with Foxconn’s production now being 450,000-550,000 units per day. A big leap forward compared to 50,000-150,000 units a day in the first few weeks.

The major issues that had a particular weight in the initial poor availability of the iPhone X were largely resolved, according to Kuo. As a result of increased production, the analyst believes that shipments of iPhone X in Q4 could be 10-20% higher than the initial forecasts.

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