Samsung wants iPhone users, invites them to try Galaxy S8 for a month

The iPhone X is selling really well, not only in America and Europe but also in South Korea, home to Samsung. Devices available at the prefix are terminated in just 3 minutes and the counterpart is not sure to watch.

After an ad that has just become viral due to the content shown, where Samsung laughs at Apple and iPhone users to “grow”, today the company launches a new promotion called “Upgrade to Galaxy” which is actually quite a flop at marketing level because it has nothing to do with it.

Basically, Samsung is offering the chance to try a Galaxy S8 or S8 + for iPhone users for 1 month.

However, the test is not free. In order to access the 30-day trial, users will have to pay the full + $ 45 additional smartphone cost. After 30 days, who actually decides to switch from iPhone to Samsung, gets a $ 45 refund, who instead decides to stay loyal to Apple, gets the reimbursement of the cost of the smartphone but not $ 45.

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