Halide: one of the best applications for taking professional photos from the iPhone

Halide – RAW Manual Camera – Chroma Noir LLC
For those who do not know it, Halide is a photo application for iOS, which offers numerous tools to improve the quality of our photographs. In this article we will go to discover it together, trying to understand what are its strengths and what is different from the native camera application.

Halide offers numerous tools dedicated to lovers of photography, who want to take advantage of the camera of their smartphone to make high-quality shots. The native camera application undoubtedly allows you to capture fantastic images but works mainly in automatic. With this application, we are rather limited in customizing the shot, and we have to entrust all the work to the optimized software of iOS. Halide, on the other hand, offers numerous instruments, thanks to which we can perfectly adjust every parameter of our shot, obtaining the desired result with the right experience and practice.

Halide allows us to fine-tune exposure, ISO, white balance, sensor aperture, focus and depth of field. All these parameters can be customized through a convenient interface, which is very intuitive from the first use. With the right combination of these settings, we will get the shot we want, without having to rely on an automatic system like that of the native camera. Obviously, the application also offers various automatic settings, optimized for shots in different situations. These can also be easily activated by the practical user interface. Halide, however, has been designed to be used in “manual” mode, where space is left for the right setting.

Finally, the Halide application also supports the RAW format for image capture. We already talked about this format in our dedicated article, where we explain why you should use it on your iPhone. The RAW format, however, requires the use of an iPhone 6s, 7, 8, X or SE. Essentially, the RAW format offers you greater freedom in post-production, while maintaining rather large file sizes.

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