Apple interested in buying Shazam for 400 million dollars

After a close collaboration that lasted a few years, it seems that now Apple has decided to bring to an end the complete acquisition of Shazam, the most popular and used song recognition service in the world.

With Shazam just a few seconds of audio to get the title of a song, the text, and much more information. Apple already uses Shazam inside Siri, allowing us to ask “What is the title of this song?”

According to Tech Crunch, Shazam could soon be incorporated by Apple for 400 million dollars, a figure lower than what was required a few years ago, when it was a billion dollars.

In addition to the recognition of the songs, for some time Shazam was embarking on a new path, that of augmented reality through special tags with special QR codes that can display additional information on singers, concerts, 360 ° photos and much more.

Without leaving the music field, the Shazam QR’s can provide additional and interactive information starting from posters, magazines, tickets and so on.

Apple could be interested in this as well as in the service of recognition of songs and therefore the acquisition now seems to be certain even if the leaders of both companies for the moment are not issuing statements. We’ll see.

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