Apple orders 200 million OLED screens from Samsung: a 20 billion dollar contract

The Investor reports that, despite the commitment of LG and other companies, for 2018 Apple has already ordered 200 million OLED screens from Samsung, so that confirms collaboration between the two company, already  Samsung responsible for the production of displays for iPhone X.

It is a billionaire investment that will result in an additional turnover of about 20 billion dollars for Samsung. To create the iPhone X, Apple had initially ordered 50 million screens, so the order of 200 million displays for 2018 leaves once again to think that the range of OLED devices will be expanded over the next year.

According to the Rumors, in fact, next fall the company should release the successor of iPhone X (substantially very similar in design) and a larger iPhone X (Plus) both with an OLED display, working together with a 6.1 “model LCD.

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