Google Maps vs Apple Maps: the differences still feel a lot

Apple Maps have definitely improved in recent years but still lag far behind that of Google.

An expert cartographer has compared the two maps, revealing that Google’s are much more detailed, including buildings and metadata accumulated over several years of development.

Thanks to satellite vision, Google has succeeded in integrating even minor details in the Maps, such as stairways in correspondence with buildings, antenna shapes and even air conditioners installed on top of buildings.

Google Maps offers a series of details that make the difference when using the walking software, but even when we are in the car the streets are better represented by being able to visualize the outline of the surrounding buildings.

Google launched Maps in 2005 and Street View in 2007. Apple Maps instead exists only since 2012, a gap of 7 years that continues to be felt today.

To date, Google is able to process satellite images to create and update its maps without the need for intermediaries or other solutions. The updates in Apple Maps instead are much slower and more tiring as the company relies on external companies including TomTom that however limit and slow down the development.

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