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Apple Watch exceeds sales of Swiss watches

Apple Watch outperformed Swiss watch sales in the last quarter. Continuing on this path Apple may soon surpass this watch manufacturer even on the overall annual sales.

As you can see from the chart below, Apple Watch sales exceeded those of Swiss watches in the last quarter. During the rest of the year, however, the Swiss watches managed to keep up with the smartwatch of the Cupertino company. This translates into total annual sales of 24 million for Swiss watches against Apple’s 18 million.

Apple, however, continues to increase sales of its smartwatch, year after year. Sales are particularly relevant especially in the last quarter of the year when the new models are typically launched. During the rest of the year, they undergo a slight decline.

Following this trend, Apple could soon surpass the entire Swiss watch line, even on total annual sales. This is an important step for the Cupertino company, the current leader in the smartwatch industry.


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