Apple works on a wireless AR / VR viewer with two 8K displays

According to CNET, a very reliable source close to Apple claims that the Californian company is working on the development of a viewer that will combine augmented reality and virtual reality. The glasses will mount two 8K displays, one for each eye, and will not need to be connected to a computer or smartphone to operate.

The project, whose code name is T288, is still in its early stages, but a possible release is expected in 2020. Apple glasses will connect to a dedicated box through a wireless technology called WiGig at 60 GHz. A second version generation, 802.11ay, would increase its speed and reach.

The box, which currently resembles a Tower PC, will use a customized 5nm Apple processor that is more powerful than anything else available at the moment. According to the source, the chips used in future Macs would be similar to those that Apple is testing in the AR / VR T288 project.

Unlike HTC Vive, you will not need to install dedicated cameras to detect a person’s position. Everything will, in fact, be integrated into the glasses and the special box. The 8K displays will make VR and AR images far more realistic than those seen by commercial viewers. High-quality video images, combined with a more powerful chip, will help Apple create visual experiences that, in addition to being incredible, will not cause nausea and dizziness when moving through the various environments.

The source also claims the viewer will work on a new operating system called ” rOS “. While Apple focuses on touch panels, voice activation through Siri and head movements, engineers are “prototyping” a wide range of applications, from sending messages in virtual meeting rooms to 360-degree video playback. The components of this project seem to come from suppliers that Apple met during the CES 2018.

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