KeenLab has already jailbroken iOS 12! [Video]

iOS 12 is currently still the first beta for developers, so its release to the public is quite distant. Despite this, security researcher Liang Chen of KeenLab decided nevertheless to get to work to run the jailbreak of the operating system.

Taking the whole community by surprise, through his Twitter account, Chen shared a video (which you’ll find below) showing a working jailbreak of iOS 12 beta 1 on iPhone X :

In the video we see Chen launch a jailbreak app for which KeenLab owns. This, through a simple button, executes the procedure and installs Cydia on the device.

The news is that this is the first demo of a working iOS 12 jailbreak, since the announcement of the firmware by Apple to the WWDC18. But stop the enthusiasm, since almost certainly this instrument will not be released to the public. KeenLab, in fact, is used to keep its tools for itself, to be used only for testing purposes.

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