Samsung presents the indestructible OLED display: obtained UL certification

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We are talking about flexible OLED displays for a long time, and we see many of them around (in particular at fairs), but their implementation in consumer devices is very limited. But things should change in the future, and thanks to Samsung Display.

Samsung Display has announced an interesting news: a flexible OLED display with a transparent plastic cover that emulates the properties of a protective glass without compromising its flexibility. This solution has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for its resistance.

The South Korean giant, describing its new panel as “indestructible”, reports that this has resisted the tests with military standards of the Underwriters Laboratories. In short, the display has not yielded to falls of over 1.2 meters and extreme temperatures like 70 ° or -32 °. The OLED display ” has continued to function normally without any damage in its entirety, ” said Samsung, who even successfully performed a 1.8-meter drop test.

Developed primarily for smartphones, the new flexible OLED panel can also be used on other electronic devices, such as consoles, military devices, and in-car displays. Samsung has not provided a precise timing for the release of a product with this panel, so we just have to wait.

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