New concept “Apple Phone” shows a possible solution for the notch

The designer Antonio De Rosa has created a new concept dedicated to the future iPhone. In these new renderings, we find a new positioning of the notch, as well as a curious arrangement of the rear cameras.

Since the introduction of the notch on the iPhone X, many other smartphone manufacturers have adopted this design for the front. Despite this, the notch is certainly not a very elegant element and many would prefer a front panel entirely dedicated to the display.

The designer Antonio De Rosa has proposed a solution for the re-design of the front, with the movement of the notch on the left side of the display. In this way Apple could still stand out from other manufacturers, maintaining an elegant design. In fact, in the upper right part, there would be enough space to collect all the icons of the status bar. At the same time, the left upper corner is the most difficult to reach if you use the smartphone with your right hand. For this reason, replacing it with the notch is perhaps the most logical solution to do.

In the complete concept, De Rosa also suggests renaming the iPhone in Apple Phone, given the complicated and complicated nomenclature of the new models. In addition, the designer would like the addition of a Bluetooth stylus, similar to Apple Pencil, but integrated directly into the body of the device.

Finally, on the back side, the designer added five sensors for the cameras. Four of these are lenses with an optical zoom and a 12MP wide angle lens, while the fifth is a 20MP “wide-zoom” lens. This is definitely an extreme solution, which would make little sense for a smartphone’s camera.




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