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Better to buy Airpods 2 or Powerbeats Pro? Apple wireless headsets compared

Yesterday Apple officially launched the Powerbeats Pro which will be available from next May, creating a competitor for AirPods 2. The competition between Powerbeats Pro and AirPods 2 is very high. Which of the 2 is better to buy? Read on as we will compare them.


The biggest difference between Powerbeats Pro and AirPods 2 is in the design. The second generation of AirPods is identical to the previous one and therefore is not good for everyone. While many companies try with accessories to help us keep them fixed to the ear , in fact they are not good for many.

Powerbeats Pro are designed to stay anchored to the lobe . This design makes them perfect for training and intensive use. In total Beats includes 4 sizes of earphones and earhooks can be changed at will to cling perfectly to the earlobe.

One thing to note is that Powerbeats Pro has a physical button for each piece , which means that you can do things like check volume level and more without using other devices. The AirPods allow such controls with taps, but the Powerbeats Pro allow more accurate adjustments. It should be noted that Powerbeats Pro are the first Beats to mount a physical power button .

In terms of size it must be said that while Powerbeats Pro are 23% lighter than AirPods, the latter are quite smaller .

Powerbeats are also resistant to sweat and water and designed for optimal performance in such conditions. It is known that under high amounts of sweat the AiPods no longer work properly. This is a major advantage of Powerbeats.

Powerbeats have a design that makes them more flexible and editable to better fit the ear. If the AirPods do not adapt to your ear, you are simply unlucky, while you can adjust the Powerbeats to be efficient and comfortable for your ear. But many people don’t like the design of Powerbeats. The “fit” of the earphones is a personal matter, but if the AirPods don’t fit the shape of your ear well you have a good chance that the Powerbeats will do it.

Battery life

One aspect that Powerbeats Pro has a distinct advantage over AirPods is the battery. Up to 9 hours of listening , while the loading case gives you more than 24 hours of playback. AirPods 2 offer 5 hours of listening for each upload and also more than 24 hours of playback.

In terms of speed, AirPods can, in just 15 minutes, add 3 hours of listening. Powerbeats Pro, on the other hand, 1.5 hours in 15 minutes and 4.5 hours in 15 minutes .

On the other hand, one of the standard features of AirPods 2 is not supported on Powerbeats. While AirPods can be loaded via Qi, the Powerbeats Pro case is only enabled for Lightning loading.


Both the second generation of AirPods and the Powerbeats feature the latest Apple H1 chip, which allows seamless switching between Apple devices and also supports the “Hey Siri” function. With Hey Siri support you can use the voice to activate the assistant without the use of the iPhone.

On this aspect, therefore, Powerbeats Pro and AirPods 2 are virtually identical .


Difficult to make a comparison on the sound since the Powerbeats will not be available before May. That said, Powerbeats Pro will have a distinct advantage: noise isolation. Since they use an in-ear design, they will be able to block surrounding noise better than AirPods.

AirPods 2 show no noticeable sound enhancement. CNET notes in its video review that Powerbeats show a noticeable improvement in sound quality compared to AirPods 2.

Which is better to buy? Powerbeats Pro or AirPods 2?

If you think that AirPods fit your ear well and you appreciate their small size including that of the case, then they are a great choice for you. They are elegant and quick to load, offer optional wireless charging and are less expensive than the Beats alternative.

But if you plan to use them in training or for other activities that require more than 5 hours of battery power, Powerbeats is the choice for you. They can last up to 9 hours on a single charge and recharge for another 5 in just 15 minutes.

Powerbeats are even better adaptable in terms of “wearability”, with 4 unique colors: white, black, ivory and navy. AirPods 2 are produced only in white.

Powerbeats Pro will be available in May for $ 250 . However, AirPods are definitely cheaper, especially if you opt for the model without the charger case. AirPods 2 start at $ 159 , while with the case the price rises to $ 199 .

What idea did you get? Let us know in the comments.

via 9to5mac

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