iOS 13: Dark Mode, redesigned App, Video Editor and lots of other news

Thanks to iOS 13, the long-awaited Dark Mode arrives on the iPhone which, as happens on MacOS, also influences the main background. In this regard, Apple shows the Apple News application and Calendar, both with a perfectly black background. The same applies to iMessage, while Note will have a slightly grey background.

The iOS keyboard has been updated. Now we can plug every single letter to write, or press once on the screen and then swipe without lifting the finger, simply taking it on the letters we want to insert.

The Photos application has also been modified: now it supports Dark Mode and offers faster sharing with friends. The Music application is also new and offers the lyrics of songs that move automatically and in synchronisation with the playback.

Notes and Mail will offer a desktop experience and sophisticated functions but the one that radically changes is Reminder really rich in artificial intelligence. The latter will be integrated into other apps, and artificial intelligence will suggest us to create reminders for everything, taking advantage of the information it can read.

Great improvements also for Maps

Apple has achieved a truly higher level of accuracy. The entire United States will be 100% covered by the end of this year. Apple Maps is now really rich in detail and 3D view. A bar with points of interest has also been added to quickly find restaurants and other nearby places. Added a new button (binocular icon) that will allow us to view real 3D images to explore the indicated or sought-after area. This is the fee for Google’s Street View. We will be able to share with friends the time needed to reach their destination automatically. Apple, however, is keen to point out that it does not want to track our movements, so navigation will be private and secure.

Some applications use background localisation to track us, but Apple introduces background notifications that will occasionally remind us of this and allow you to turn it off. Apple wants to prevent services like Google and Facebook from tracking our business.

When we connect in an application using the Google login button and Facebook we share important information that ends up on their servers. Apple wants to avoid all this by introducing the Login with Apple button. Just press it, scan it with Face ID and we’ll be registered and connected!

Some apps can ask us for information and we can choose whether or not to share them. For example the name, the real email, or allow Apple to generate for us a random and fictitious email address created specifically for that particular app. This way we will not receive spam and we will not provide our private data to other companies!


Many of the security cameras today send the data to a third-party cloud. Apple today introduces HomeKit Secure Video, a service that encrypts the video stream before sending it to the Cloud and no one will ever see that video, not even Apple.

Netatmo, Logitech and eufy will be the first to adopt this secure framework. Cloud servers communicate with our routers to provide us with the information we want, and this can lead to external attacks on our system. Apple introduces secure routers, through a certification that manufacturers can obtain from Apple.


iMessage is updated and it is now possible to combine a profile photo like Whatsapp. We can use both real photos and memoji for each contact.

iMessage has new options to customise the Memoji. Lipstick, eye shadow on the eyes, teeth, piercings, earrings, new haircuts, hats, glasses, and we can also add AirPods. In short, the memoji will look more like us!

Memoji Stickers

Once we create our personal Memoji that looks like us, the app will automatically create a pack of stickers that we can send in iMessage but also in Mail and other applications.

Photo and video

The Photographic Studio is taken to the next level. We will be able to decide the intensity of the light, simulating the proximity of the light source to the subject. Apple introduces a new system to modify our photos. We will be able to adjust the brightness, the shadows, the contrasts, the saturation, so many options available in the app as Instagram. And editing is now also available for videos! Finally we will be able to rotate videos with a single button, apply filters and much more in just one tap

When we have lots of photos in the library, screenshots, spectacular photos and bad photos, the new artificial intelligence will be able to remove duplicates, blurred photos and so on, keeping our library tidier. Each photo will then be moved to a special album, with the shooting year.

The new visual for photos shows us a grid with many more images than before and we can zoom in or out to choose the number of photos to see on the grid. With 4 tabs at the bottom, we can switch between “years” “months” “days” and “all photos”. It all seems really very fluid and light, really a very welcome new look. The “Monthly” view creates beautiful albums based on similar moments. The videos in the library start in autoplay directly while we browse the gallery.

In the visual years, we display a preview of the images year after year in a dynamic way. For example, if today is the day of the WWDC, the “years” view will show us the previews of every single year during the WWDC. If today is our daughter’s birthday, the “years” view will show us the highlights of our daughter’s photos year after year

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