iPadOS: Apple introduces the new operating system for iPad

All the functions we’ve talked about so far that have been introduced on iOS 13 for iPhone, will also arrive on iPad. But the iPad is evolving towards something different. And the time has come to give this device the importance it deserves. The iPad will no longer have iOS: in fact, iPadOS has been introduced in its place.

There will be many new “computer” features. It starts from the HomeScreen which will show many more icons. The widgets can be shown directly in Home, moving the screen from left to right. Now we can open multiple application windows at the same time; just swipe from bottom to top to use multitasking.


The application has been updated and now also offers file preview and quick actions, just like on macOS. It also improves the way you share files. iCloud Drive now supports sharing of entire folders, such as Dropbox. Another novelty, we will finally be able to connect the USB keys and the SD cards directly to view their contents directly in the Files app, as if it were a folder of the Mac finder.


When we open a site today, we display a desktop version for computers and a mobile version. On iPad, sites have always offered an intermediate experience between the two, but today things change because the browser offers the desktop experience. We also find a download manager in Safari, Shortcuts support and much more. Support for new fonts and easy installation confirmed. The gestures for copying, pasting, selecting text, moving the cursor and so on are also simplified. And with a 3-finger swipe we will cancel any errors.

Apple Pencil

Apple has further lowered the Apple Pencil’s latency from 20 ms to 9ms. Now the strokes appear on the screen with the same speed as a pen on a piece of paper. With a gesture on the corner of the screen we can mark up anything framed on the screen. To move the cursor, simply touch a part of the screen and then move your finger.

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