A new image confirms the shape of the iPhone 11 camera

We have seen countless rumors that suggest that the next-generation iPhone smartphone line will feature a design almost identical to the current line.

However, there is a big visual difference between the iPhones of last year and the new iPhone series, and it has already managed to provoke a lot of controversies, even if the new iPhone 11 is not yet revealed, so nothing can be confirmed. Unfortunately for Apple fans who do not like this particular new design element, a new image once again confirms the design.

Whoever followed all the rumors we shared on the site obviously knows exactly what we’re talking about: the rear camera. The good news is that Apple will update the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max camera by adding a lens, a new low light mode that is rivaled by Google Night Sight and more. The bad news is that Apple has decided to use a huge square back for the rear camera.

If these rumors are true, this will be the design of the iPhone 11. Even users who decide to buy an iPhone 11R , will find the huge square back for the rear camera despite this model will only have two goals .

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