Apple shows the new emojis that will arrive on the iPhone this fall

On the occasion of World Emoji Day, Apple shared the details of the new emojis that will arrive on iOS devices this fall,

Unicode 12 brings 59 new emoji characters , 75 with genre variations and 230 total emojis counting genre variations and different skin tones.

Orangutang, sloths, otters, polecats and flamingos are the new animals included in the update, while the new food products include garlic, onion, waffles, falafel, butter, oyster, beverage box, maté and ice cube.

New faces, gestures and poses include a yawning face, a pinching hand, a kneeling person, a standing person and new people holding hands with both gender and skin tone options included.

To celebrate World Emoji Day, Apple presents a preview of a selection of new emojis coming this fall, revealing new models that bring even more diversity to the keyboard, as well as fun and exciting additions to popular categories such as food, animals, activities and smiley faces .

In a major update of the emojis of people holding hands, typically used to represent couples and relationships, users will now be able to select any combination of skin tones, in addition to gender, to personalize the people they hold for hand, bringing more than 75 possible combinations.

Included are several new emojis related to accessibility , such as ear with hearing aid, deaf person, mechanical arm / leg, person with cane, wheelchair user, guide dog, wheelchair (manual and motorised) and inspection stick.

Following Apple’s proposal to the Unicode Consortium last year to introduce more disability-related emojis, a new guide dog, an ear with a hearing aid, wheelchairs, an arm and a leg with prostheses will be available in the emoji keyboard. Celebrating diversity in all its many forms is an integral part of Apple’s values ​​and these new options help to fill a significant gap in the emoji keyboard.

Other emoji include Hindu temple, auto rickshaw, parachute, ringed planet, scuba mask, yo-yo, kite, safety vest, sari, one-piece swimsuit, briefs, shorts, ballerinas, banjo, diya lamp, ax, drop of blood, bandage , stethoscope, chair, razor, white heart, circles and squares in various new colors.

A complete list of emoji included in Unicode 12 is listed on the Emojipedia website .

The new emojis will not be included in iOS 13 at launch or could be launched in one of the first major updates of the new operating system.

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