iPhone 11 Pro will be the name of the new Apple iPhone?

Apple is expected to release three new iPhones in the fall and an anonymous Twitter account with proven experience has suggested that at least one of the models will have the suffix ” Pro ” in its name.

The tweet comes from a mysterious account called CoinX, which has carefully leaked several details about upcoming Apple products over the past year, including the names of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR before anyone else, removing the headphone jack on the iPad Pro 2018 models and much more.

In this case, CoinX asks a question in its tweet, but the account has so far a perfect track record with all its losses:

However, in this last loss, CoinX does not exactly clarify the name. There are several ways in which Apple could incorporate the suffix ” Pro ” into the iPhone range.

It could mean that Apple is preparing a tiered lineup, the iPhone XR could be called simply ” iPhone 11″  and the iPhone 11 with triple ” iPhone Pro” camera.

In any case, this would mark the first time Apple uses the word “Pro” for its iPhone line. However, its inclusion would bring better symmetry to the iPhone alongside the iPad, MacBook and iMac lines – all of which have “Pro” and non-Pro products in their respective categories.

As for what “pro” features are coming at this stage, we have a fairly clear picture of what the new iPhone 2019 will look like. It will largely resemble the iPhone XS in external design, with the addition of a new bump camera square that incorporates a third ultra-wide lens. The three objectives are arranged in a triangular configuration.

We also expect internal improvements for the new iPhone with Apple clearly focused on camera updates. The iPhone will present new antennas for precise positioning indoors, the powerful 7nm A13 chip and bilateral wireless charging , so that users can charge their AirPods by placing them on the back of the iPhone.

None of these functionalities necessarily has an association with the “Pro” level functionality, but the name of Apple has never been so closely linked to reality. For example, most MacBook Pro models are actually traditional consumer machines, but still differentiated from the entry-level “Air” line.

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