Telegram updates with silent messages, slow mode, titles for administrators and more

Today’s update offers Telegram features to add some peace, tranquillity and personalization to chats.

You can now send messages to friends freely when they study or attend a meeting.

By simply holding the Send button you can send messages or multimedia files without audio.

The recipient will be notified as usual, but his phone will not emit any sound, even if he has forgotten to enable the Do Not Disturb mode. This function is also available in groups

Slow mode

In the event that a group we manage is becoming difficult to follow, the Group Authorization section now features a Slow Mode switch.

When an administrator enables this function in a group, we will be able to send only one message for the chosen time interval. A timer will show how much we have to wait before sending the next message.

Slow Mode can make conversations in the group more orderly, increasing the value of each individual message.

Administration titles

Group owners can now set up customized titles for different administrators such as “Chief Supreme”, “Expertise” or “Video”.

Improved timestamp and cleaning

Videos now show thumbnail previews as we scroll to find the moment we were looking for.

If we add a timestamp like 0:45  to a  video caption, it will automatically be highlighted as a link. Tapping a timestamp will play the video from that exact point.

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