The iPad Pro 2019 will have a triple-lens camera similar to the iPhone 11

It seems that the iPhone 11 may not be the only Apple device to get a new three-lens configuration this year. According to a new report by Macotakara, the iPad Pro could also have a camera with three lenses.

The report cites a supplier outside China and claims that the iPad Pro 2019 has ” the possibility of being released with a triple-lens “. This certainly should be treated with some scepticism as it is the first time we hear such a claim.

Currently, the iPad Pro only has a single 12 MP camera, so switching from a single-lens array to a triple-lens in a year would be a major leap. The iPad Pro does not support features like Portrait mode with the rear camera. Presumably, the new camera hardware for the iPad Pro 2019 would add features like that, as well as improve performance in areas like augmented reality.

Meanwhile, Macotakara also claims that the 10.2-inch iPad could be supplied with a dual-camera configuration. It is said that this iPad is a replacement for the 2018.7-inch iPad. While Apple released a new 10.5-inch iPad Air this year, reports have long suggested that even a 10.2-inch model is in the works.

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