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Apple contractors listened to over 1,000 Siri registrations per shift

Apple suspended the evaluation program that used contractors to listen to Siri recordings for quality control purposes, but in a new report, The Irish Examiner provides more information on how the quality control investigation took place.

According to one of the contractors working on the Siri classification in Cork, Ireland, employees had to listen to more than 1,000 Siri registrations per shift. Most recordings lasted a few seconds and employees ” occasionally ” could listen to personal data or fragments of conversation. However, the contractors mainly heard Siri commands.

Each recording was ” classified ” based on various factors, for example, if a Siri activation was accidental or if the request was something that the personal assistant could or could not satisfy.

The employee stated that the details of Siri’s user were kept anonymous and that he had listened mainly to recordings with Canadian, Australian and British accents.

“I understand the reasons why the company was doing it, but I could see why people thought it was a privacy violation because they hadn’t asked for” permission “to start quality control. I think the lack of consensus was the problem “.

Data analysts who worked with Globetech, a Cork-based company, were told this week that their work with Apple has been interrupted. Last week, Apple told Globetech that it would end all-vocal transcription and classification work and Globetech confirmed that it will no longer provide these services to Apple.

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