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The iPhone always lasts longer: users change smartphones every three years

Many analysis carried out in the past has shown the connection between the iPhone price increase and the extension of the smartphone usage cycle. According to a recent Strategy Analytics report, the average user uses the smartphone for about 33 months before updating it with a newer model.

In recent years, Apple has accustomed us to small annual updates regarding the hardware and software news of the iPhone. In 2017, the Cupertino company launched the iPhone X with a completely new design. For the next two years, however, no major changes have been planned, in fact, the iPhone XS and the iPhone 11 brought / will only bring small changes. This has led to a reduction in user interest in new models, extending the smartphone’s cycle of use.

According to Strategy Analytics, Apple smartphones have an average usage cycle of 18 months, compared to Samsung’s of 16.5 months. However, this cycle is getting longer due to the few substantial innovations introduced in the new models. Currently, the average user willing to buy a smartphone for 1,000 or more euros, plans to use it for at least three years. According to the report in question, the next killer feature for the purchase of a new smartphone will be the arrival of 5G modems.

So for those who bought the iPhone X in 2017, they will spend exactly three years until the model with 5G connectivity arrives when you’ll probably notice a significant increase in sales. The intermediate years 2018-2019 will see only minor changes and therefore attract fewer users. This extension of the iPhone usage cycle was also confirmed by Apple itself. The company has been releasing operating systems aimed at optimizing the use of older smartphones for some years. Furthermore, Apple is investing a lot in services to try to balance the decline in hardware sales.

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