WatchOS 6 is finally AVAILABLE for everyone: Here is the news you need to know!

Today is not only the day of iOS 13 but also that of watchOS 6, the new operating system that you can install on Apple Watch Series 5, Series 4 and Series 3. The same update for Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 1 will arrive in autumn, probably by the end of October, so don’t despair: simply more time is required for it to be “properly modelled” for less powerful hardware.

Here is the  complete changelog :

watchOS 6 offers a myriad of new possibilities to stay connected, lead a more active lifestyle and get information on your health with the brand new Apple Watch apps including Cycle Monitoring, Noise, Voice Memos, Audiobooks, and Calculator, for the first time, App Store for Apple Watch. In addition, the Trend feature in the Activity app gives you a completely new way to keep an eye on your exercise level over time.

Cycle Monitoring

  • The new Cycle Tracking app allows you to record data related to the menstrual cycle including flow intensity, symptoms and spotting.
  • You will have the opportunity to record fertility data, including basal temperature and ovulation test results.
  • Thanks to the forecasts of menstruation and related notifications, you will receive a warning when the next menstruation is approaching.
  • Thanks to fertile weather forecasts and related notifications, you will receive a warning when the fertile period is approaching.


  • With the new Noise app, you will be able to view the noise level in the surrounding environment in real-time, measured in decibels.
  • Possibility to be notified if the noise level in the surrounding environment can have consequences for your hearing over time.
  • Available on Apple Watch Series 4.

Voice Memos

  • Now you can record voice memos from Apple Watch.
  • Listen to voice memos from the built-in Apple Watch speaker or connect a Bluetooth device.
  • Rename recordings via dictation or handwriting functionality.
  • Automatic synchronization of new voice memos on iPhone, iPad or Mac via iCloud.


  • Synchronize the audiobooks you’ve downloaded from Apple Books on the iPhone to Apple Watch.
  • You can synchronize the book you are reading, up to a maximum duration of 5 hours.
  • You can stream your audiobooks with a connection to the cellular network or Wi-Fi.

App Store

  • Discover and install Apple Watch apps from the new App Store.
  • Browse the apps and collections selected for you.
  • Search for apps using Siri, dictation or handwriting functionality.
  • View app descriptions, reviews and screen snapshots.
  • Support of the “Log in with Apple” feature.


  • Keep an eye on your physical activity trends in the iPhone Activity app.
  • The Trend function shows the data relating to physical activity over the past 90 days, compared to your performance over the last 365 days. The data includes the minutes of movement and exercise, the hours “On foot”, the distance travelled, the level of cardio-fitness (V02 max), the pace of walking and running. In addition, the following data are available for wheelchair users: “Active breaks”, “Active breaks” minutes, wheelchair workouts at a standard pace and at a fast pace.
  • If the trend arrows are pointing down, you can display specific tips that will help you get back into shape.

Work out

  • A new parameter has been introduced that indicates the difference in level for outdoor running training, outdoor walking, outdoor biking and trekking. Available on Apple Watch Series 2 and later models.
  • During training, you can constantly view the Chronometer app on the dial.
  • You can play your workout playlist in random order.
  • GymKit support for True and Woodway products.


  • Discover the title of the song being played with Shazam. You can get information about the song and the artist and add the song to your Apple Music library.
  • Support of web search with Siri: you can see up to 5 search results and the functionality for displaying contents with one touch has been optimized for Apple Watch.
  • The new People Search app supports Siri and location requests.


  • The styles “Monochrome figures” and “Two-tone figures” feature digital dials with Arabic numerals, Indian numbers, Roman numerals and Devanagari.
  • The Meridiana style has a dial with a black or white background that fills the screen and four complications in the secondary dials (available only for Apple Watch Series 4).
  • Gradient style offers a design that changes over time. Available in full screen or circular with up to five complications (available only for Apple Watch Series 4).
  • The California style features dials with Roman numerals, Arabic numerals and Devanagari, full or circular (available only for Apple Watch Series 4).
  • The Solar style allows you to follow the movement of the sun in the form of an arc traced on the 24-hour dial (available only for Apple Watch Series 4).
  • The “Compact Modular” style offers more options for complications and the possibility to choose between analogue and digital format (available only for Apple Watch Series 4).
  • The “Touch to read time” option is available on all quadrants and supports more than 30 languages.
  • Possibility to set and customize the chimes in order to receive an alert every hour, every half hour or every 15 minutes via haptic feedback or with a customizable sound.
  • Possibility to rearrange the dials directly from Apple Watch.
  • New complications for audiobooks, calculator, cycle monitoring, noise, wind, rain, voice memos and cellular connectivity.
  • New monochrome complications for the infographs and “modular infograph” dials.

Additional features and improvements

  • The new Calculator app is able to calculate tips and divide the bill among several people.
  • The Podcast app now supports custom stations.
  • The Maps app includes step-by-step and spoken navigation functionality.
  • The renewed “In Play” feature now supports Apple TV remote control.
  • In the “For you” section, selected tracks are available for you.
  • Automatic software updates.
  • The Walkie-Talkie app is completely renewed.
  • More settings available directly on Apple Watch including Accessibility, Training and Health.
  • The new People Search app lets you add friends, set notifications and change settings directly from Apple Watch.
  • From the Reminder app, completely renewed, you can view shared lists, secondary activities and add new reminders, directly from Apple Watch

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