Apple releases iPadOS 13.1 for everyone: Here are all the news

The day of the release finally arrived from Apple of iPadOS 13.1 which is now available for all users to download.

All the new features of iPadOS 13 in one article:

The update introduces new ways to use multiple apps simultaneously and more information on the completely redesigned Home screen. The use of Apple Pencil has been further optimized and offers the possibility of modifying practically any type of content in the blink of an eye. Dark mode has been introduced, which gives the iPad a high-impact appearance, as well as a new way to easily access websites, in full protection of your privacy. New tools for retouching and viewing photos are also available. iPadOS is an optimized operating system to be faster and more responsive.

Home screen

• Today view widgets shown on the Home screen provide an immediate overview of the most useful information.
• With the new layout, you can view more apps on each screen.


• Slide Over supports multiple apps to allow you to access your favourite apps from anywhere on the iPadOS and to quickly switch between them.
• Now you can open the same app on both sides of Split View to work on two documents, notes or e-mails side by side.
• Thanks to the improved Spaces feature, you can open the same app simultaneously in multiple spaces.
• The Exposé feature allows you to quickly view all open windows of the same app.

Apple Pencil

• Thanks to reduced latency, using Apple Pencil has never been so natural.
• The redesigned tool palette, which looks completely new, can be dragged to any side of the screen.
• A new gesture lets you edit almost any content with Apple Pencil simply by swiping from the bottom right or left corner of the screen.
• The new full-screen option lets you annotate websites, Mail messages, iWork documents and Maps.

Word processing

• Thanks to the presence of the sidebar you can quickly scroll through even the longest documents, web pages and e-mail threads.
• Quicker and more precise cursor movement: just a touch to drag it to the position you want.
• Improved selection functionality: just touch and scroll to the text you want to select.
• New gestures for cutting, copying and pasting. Pinch with three fingers closing once to copy, twice to cut and pinch with three fingers by opening to paste.
• In iPadOS, you can cancel the previous action by double-tapping with three fingers.


• The new floating keyboard, which you can drag wherever you want, leaves you more room to write.
• With QuickPath on the floating keyboard, you can scroll to type words easily even with one hand.


• From the App Store, you can download custom fonts for use with your favourite apps.
• Ability to manage fonts from Settings.


• File now supports external drives so you can access and manage files on USB drives, hard drives or SD cards.
• Thanks to the support of the SMB protocol, you can connect to a server at work or from your home PC.
• Storage space for creating folders in the local drive and allowing you to add your favorite files.
• The column view allows you to have a clearer overview of the folders and subfolders.
• The Preview panel shows a thumbnail of the high-resolution files, detailed metadata and offers the possibility to perform quick actions.
• Support for creating and opening .zip files.
• New abbreviations for the external keyboard allow you to manage your files even more quickly.


• Desktop-level navigation in Safari with the display of websites optimized automatically for the features of the iPad Multi-Touch screen.
• Support of web platforms such as Squarespace, WordPress and Google Docs.
• The download manager allows you to quickly access the downloaded files and check the download progress.
• More than 30 new abbreviations for the external keyboard to browse the web even more quickly.
• The home page has been updated to include favourites, the most visited websites, the most recently visited ones and Siri’s suggestions.
• Display options in the smart search field give you quick access to controls to adjust text size, Reader view and specific settings for each website.
• In the settings specific to each website, you can choose to use the Reader view automatically, enable the blocking of content, access to the camera, the microphone and your location.
• Ability to resize photos during upload.

Dark mode

• A new colour combination that offers an extraordinary viewing experience, especially in low-light environments.
• You can program it to activate automatically at sunset or at a specific time, or you can activate it from the Control Center.
• Four new system backgrounds that automatically switch from Light to Dark mode.


• The completely revamped Photo panel presents a selection of your photo library from which it will be easier to find and share photos and videos, to relive your best memories.
• Thanks to new and effective editing tools it has never been so easy to retouch, improve and review photos.
• More than 30 new video editing tools, with features such as rotation, cropping and optimization.

Access with Apple
• You can now log in to private apps and websites using your Apple ID in private mode.
• Simplified account configuration: you will need to enter only the name and e-mail address.
• The “Hide my e-mail” option allows you to create a unique e-mail address to be used for sharing, from which messages will be forwarded directly to your personal address.
• Integrated two-factor authentication to ensure the protection of your account.
• Apple is unable to track or collect data that can identify you personally when you use your favourite apps.

Arcade on the App Store

• With a single subscription, you have unlimited access to new fantastic video games, without advertising or additional purchases.
• Thanks to the new Arcade panel on the App Store, you can browse the latest video games, receive personalized suggestions and access exclusive content.
• Crossplay is available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.
• Possibility to download large apps via the cellular network.
• Ability to view available updates for apps or delete them from your account page.
• Support of Arabic and Hebrew languages.


• A completely renewed Maps app will be introduced in the United States, which extends the coverage of the road network and the territory, improves the accuracy of address identification and support for walking itineraries.
• With the Overview feature, you can explore cities interactively with a high-resolution 3D view.
• Collections with lists of your favourite places are easy to share with friends and family.
• Favourites allow you to quickly and quickly reach the places you frequent every day.


• Thanks to the completely new app design, you can create and organize your reminders more efficiently and intuitively.
• With the quick toolbar, you can add dates, positions, tags, attachments and much more to your reminders.
• With the new smart lists (Today, Scheduled, Marked and All) you won’t miss a deadline reminder anymore.
• Organize reminders with sub-activities and list groups.


• Custom Siri suggestions in Podcasts, Safaris and Maps.
• Over 100,000 live radio stations from around the world available with Siri.

Quick Controls

• The Quick Commands app is now integrated.
• In the Gallery, you are suggested customized automation based on the tasks you perform most often during the day.
• Personal and home automation allow you to execute quick commands automatically based on certain activation criteria.
• Quick commands are now also supported in the Home app, as advanced actions in the Automation panel.

Memoji and Messages

• You can customize the Memoji with new hats, haircuts, make-up and piercings.
• Memoji stickers in Messages, Mail and in third-party apps available on iPad mini 5, iPad (fifth generation and later models), iPad Air (third generation) and on all iPad Pro models.
• Now you can choose whether to share or not the name, the photo and your Memoji.
• The search feature has been improved to allow you to easily find messages, thanks to intelligent suggestions and the organization of results in categories.

Augmented reality

• With the “People Occlusion” feature you can place virtual objects naturally in front of or behind people in apps supported with iPad Pro (2018), iPad Air (2018) and iPad mini 5.
• The “Motion Capture” feature allows for app to identify the position of the body and to detect the movements of people in order to be able to animate characters or interact with virtual objects using iPad Pro (2018), iPad Air (2018) and iPad mini 5.
• More tracking functionality faces for content AR is able to identify up to three faces simultaneously, to have fun with your friends on iPad Pro (2018).
• With “AR Video Preview” you can view and interact with multiple AR objects at the same time.


• Senders blocking functionality to move messages from blocked contacts directly to the trash.
• Ability to disable notifications for e-mail threads that are too active.
• Quick access to RTF formatting tools and attachments of any kind thanks to the formatting bar.
• Support of all system fonts and new ones that can be downloaded from the App Store.


• The Gallery view presents the notes as graphic thumbnails, so you can easily find just what you need.
• With shared folders you can collaborate with other users, giving them access to all the notes they contain.
• Enhanced graphics recognition functionality for searching images in notes and for text in scanned elements.
• Thanks to the new options available, you can easily rearrange checklists, set individual items to be indented or automatically move completed items to the bottom of the list.

Apple Music

• Listening to your favourite music is even more fun with perfectly synchronized lyrics displayed in real-time.
• Over 100,000 live radio stations from around the world.

Time of use

• Use data collected over 30 days to compare them over the weeks.
• Limitations combined to include multiple categories of apps, specific apps or websites in a single definition.
• The “Another minute” option allows you to quickly save your work or exit a video game when you reach the usage limit.

Privacy and security

• With the “Allow once” option, you can share your positions with apps only once.
• Now, with background tracking alerts, you’ll receive notifications when an app uses your location in the background.
• Thanks to improvements in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, apps cannot access your location without prior authorization from the user.
• Thanks to the new controls you can easily omit location data when you share photos.

System improvements

• Now you can select Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth accessories directly from the Control Center.
• New discrete volume bar, top centre of the screen.
• Full-page screen snapshots for websites, Mail messages, iWork documents and Maps.
• New sharing panel, with smart tips to share content with a few simple touches.
• Share the same audio on two pairs of AirPods, Powerbeats Pro, Beats Solo3, BeatsX and Powerbeats3.
• Dolby Atmos playback for an immersive content experience with soundtracks in Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus on iPad Pro (2018).

Supported languages

• Support of 38 new keyboard languages.
• Predictive suggestions for keyboards in Cantonese, Dutch, Hindi (devanagari), Hindi (Latin characters), Arabic najdi, Swedish and Vietnamese.
• Easier and faster selection of languages ​​and emoji, thanks to the introduction of two separate buttons.
• Automatic language detection for dictation functionality.
• Support of bilingual dictionary for Thai – English and Vietnamese – English combinations.

• Dedicated mode, accessible from the Control Center, to facilitate reading QR codes in Camera, torch option and privacy improvements.
• The Intersection view in Maps allows Chinese users to find their way around complex roads and interchanges more easily.
• Chinese keyboard with adjustable handwriting area.
• Suggestions in Cantonese for keyboards Cangjie, Sucheng, Tratto and “Writing by hand”.

• Siri’s new male and female voices in Indian English.
• Support for the 22 official Indian languages ​​with the addition of 15 new keyboard languages.
• Bilingual keyboard for Hindi (Latin characters) and English with predictive writing.
• The predictive keyboard writing in Hindi (devanagari).
• New system fonts for Gujarati, gurmukhi, kannada, oriya languages ​​to improve clarity and simplify reading in apps.
• 30 new fonts for documents for Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepalese, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Udu languages.
• Hundreds of new labels for reports available in Contacts to identify contacts more accurately.


• Launch of applications up to 2x faster *.
• Unlock through Face ID up to 30% faster on iPad Pro 11 ”, iPad Pro 12.9 ” (third-generation) **.
• Size of app updates reduced by an average of 60% *.
• Size of app downloads from the App Store reduced by up to 50% *.

Additional features and improvements

• With limited data consumption mode, you can reduce data usage via the selected cellular network or Wi-Fi networks.
• Support for wireless controllers for PlayStation 4 and Xbox.
• Find my iPhone and Find Friends are combined in a single app, which will allow you to locate a lost device even if it is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi or mobile network.
• Thanks to reading goals on Apple Books read will become a daily habit.
• In the Calendar app, you can now add attachments to events.
• The controls for HomeKit app of the Home app have been completely renewed with a combined view for those offering more services.
• Pinch to zoom in or out to edit Vocal Memo recordings more accurately.

Some features may not be available in all areas or on all Apple devices. 


iPadOS is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPad Pro 12.9 “
  • iPad Pro 11 ″
  • iPad Pro 10.5 “
  • iPad Pro 9.7 “
  • iPad (7th generation)
  • iPad (6th generation)
  • iPad (5th generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad Air 2


  • iPad mini 4 (Wi-Fi) (iPad5.1) – Download
  • iPad mini 4 (Cellular) (iPad5.2) – Download
  • iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi) (iPad5.3) – Download
  • iPad Air 2 (Cellular) (iPad5.4) – Download
  • iPad Pro (9.7 “, Wi-Fi) (iPad6.3) – Download
  • iPad Pro (9.7 “, Cellular) (iPad6.4) – Download
  • iPad Pro (Wi-Fi) (iPad6,7) – Download
  • iPad Pro (Cellular) (iPad6,8) – Download
  • iPad 5 (Wi-Fi) (iPad6,11) – Download
  • iPad 5 (Cellular) (iPad6.12) – Download
  • iPad Pro 2 (12.9 “, Wi-Fi) (iPad7.1) – Download
  • iPad Pro 2 (12.9 “, Cellular) (iPad7.2) – Download
  • iPad Pro (10.5 “, Wi-Fi) (iPad7.3) – Download
  • iPad Pro (10.5 “, Cellular) (iPad7.4) – Download
  • iPad 6 (Wi-Fi) (iPad7.5) – Download
  • iPad 6 (Cellular) (iPad7.6) – Download
  • iPad7.11 (iPad7.11) – Download
  • iPad7.12 (iPad7.12) – Download
  • iPad Pro 3 (11 “, Wi-Fi) (iPad8,1) – Download
  • iPad Pro 3 (11 “, Wi-Fi, 1 TB) (iPad8.2) – Download
  • iPad Pro 3 (11 “, Cellular) (iPad8,3) – Download
  • iPad Pro 3 (11 “, Cellular, 1 TB) (iPad8.4) – Download
  • iPad Pro 3 (12.9 “, Wi-Fi) (iPad8.5) – Download
  • iPad Pro 3 (12.9 “, Wi-Fi, 1 TB) (iPad8.6) Download
  • iPad Pro 3 (12.9 “, Cellular) (iPad8,7) – Download
  • iPad Pro 3 (12.9 “, Cellular, 1 TB) (iPad8.8) – Download
  • iPad mini 5 (Wi-Fi) (iPad 11,1) – Download
  • iPad mini 5 (Cellular) (iPad11,2) – Download
  • iPad Air 3 (Wi-Fi) (iPad 11,3) – Download
  • iPad Air 3 (Cellular) (iPad11,4) – Download

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