Google launches the new “Google Play Pass” service to compete with Apple Arcade

Google has announced the launch of a new game service called Google Play Pass, which allows Android users to access over 350 games and apps for $ 4.99 a month, similar to Apple Arcade.

The Google version, like Apple Arcade, offers games to customers without in-app purchases and without ads. There is a family sharing option and a Play Pass subscription can be shared with up to five family members.

Google’s service is not limited to games only and includes titles already released, such as Stardew Valley, Terraria, Monument Valley, Knights of the Old Republic, Facetune and AccuWeather. Google offers are not exclusive, one of the main features of Apple Arcade.

With Apple Arcade, all game titles are only available on the App Store when it comes to mobile devices, but some are also developed for a console release. Apple Arcade is limited to new content and does not include older apps like Play Pass.

Given that Google uses existing games in Play Pass, at launch, it has a wider catalogue of available titles: hundreds, compared to Apple’s 60+. Google claims that customers can count on new titles monthly, something that Apple has also promised.

According to The Verge, Google plans to pay developers by engaging users with apps, although it is not entirely clear what it means at the moment. Google has stated that it is much more than display time or the number of app openings per week.

Google has been working on the Play Pass service since 2018 and started testing it at the end of July.

Play Pass is available for Android devices in the US this week and will soon expand to other countries. It comes with a free 10-day trial and then a subscription costs $ 4.99 a month, just like Apple Arcade.

Google offers a promo, which will allow subscribers to sign up for $ 1.99 a month for the first year for a limited time. You can access Play Pass content through the new Play Pass option which you can access by tapping the menu in the top left corner of the Play Store.

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