Apple and Maroon 5 come together to promote the “Memories” feature in Photos

The memory function of iOS 13 allows you to create automatic videos based on photos and videos made in the same place or with the same people, a while ago. Maroon 5 made a song that lends itself very well to memories and a partnership with Apple was immediately born

For a limited time, Apple fans will be able to create their own music videos using the Photos app and the single ” Memories ” by Maroon 5.

iPhone and iPad users can create their own photos and videos with the individual ” Memories ” of Maroon 5. Maroon 5 collaborated with Apple on the project, highlighting the updated Memories function within the Photos app.

Memories automatically take care of photo and video albums based on users’ past events and places. For a limited time, the app will suggest using ” Memories ” by Maroon 5 as the soundtrack for these curated films.

The band has created their own video ” Made with Memories s”, available on Apple Music. The video shows the first photos and videos of the band members in some of their first performances, as well as clips and images of some of the greatest performances of Maroon 5.

The track is the first new song that Maroon 5 shared with fans in two years.

“We wrote this song to bring people together. It’s an important message for the moment, and we love the fact that we can still surprise ourselves and our fans after all these years, “frontman Adam Lavine told the press. “In addition to the song, the band would also like to share some of the most cherished memories that have shaped us over the years. We invite you to do the same. ”

Memories within the Photos app are movies that can include photos and videos captured by the user, compared with a soundtrack and special transitions between each photo or video in the collection.

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