iPhone 2020 without notch and with Face ID embedded in the frame?

Apple would be testing a 6.7-inch iPhone without notch and with the Face ID built into the upper frame

The introduction of the ” notch ” in the iPhone X in 2017 was a major design change for the iPhone. According to a new image, Apple, in the iPhone 2020, could completely eliminate the notch from the design, finding a way to offer the same features without “cutting” the display.

An image shared by Ben Geskin on Twitter shows what appears to be an iPhone with the current full-screen design, but without the notch. Geskin says “One of the prototypes of the iPhone 2020 has a 6.7-inch display with Face ID and TrueDepth camera system housed in the upper frame “.

A second part of the same image includes a closer look at the top of the frame, revealing the addition of various components usually placed in the notch area. The components include an infrared camera, flood illuminator, a projector in points, a proximity sensor, an ambient light sensor, a speaker, a microphone and normal camera.

By moving all the sensors in the frame, it would allow Apple to eliminate the notch but could be forced to use a slightly thicker frame. Removal of the notch can be welcomed by users, but some may not be favourable to a thicker frame, and consequently to a slightly heavier and thicker device, despite having a clear and free display.

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