Apple shows us how to perform and restore an iPhone Backup with macOS Catalina [Video]

Through the videos of the Apple Support channel on YouTube, let’s see how to make and restore a backup of iPhone or iPad with MacOS Catalina and how to use the Sidecar function to use the iPad as a second display

macOS Catalina brings with it some new features that radically change the way Mac users are used to performing operations.

One of them is surely the way through which it is possible to backup your iPhone or iPad and consequently how to restore from backup.

We had already explained to you that with the ” death” of iTunes, this kind of operation takes place directly from the Finder. In fact, just connect an Apple device using the cable supplied and it will automatically be shown on this screen. The rest is very similar to before, but these videos will clear up any doubts:

Apple has also released another video, showing how to use the iPad as a second display for the Mac using the Sidecar feature :

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