The iPhone is still the most popular smartphone among teenagers

The teenage market continues to be extremely strong for Apple, with data from a Piper Jaffray poll suggesting that teenagers prefer the iPhone to other smartphones. The Apple Watch is also gaining ground among teenagers.

A survey conducted by Piper Jaffray, the report ” Doing the balance with teenagers ” has determined that 83% of adolescents have an iPhone, the highest level ever seen by the company in its research. At the same time last year, the same survey found that 82% owned an iPhone.

The intention to get an iPhone as the next device is also very strong, with 86% of respondents claiming to want Apple’s smartphone, equaling a result seen in the spring. This is also the same result seen in the autumn of 2018, which despite suggesting that there is no improvement in terms of popularity and intention, indicates that the Apple brand has maintained its advantage.

Behind the iPhone, there was Android, which has seen an improvement over spring results from 9% to 10%.

“On the whole, we see the survey data as a sign that Apple’s place as a dominant teen brand remains intact,” writes Piper Jaffray.

Even the Apple Watch saw a good result in the survey, acquiring a 20% ownership share, the highest in the results, and with the intention of buying an Apple Watch in the next six months that rises to 23 %, a small increase compared to 22% seen in the spring. In the second place, we find the Samsung Gear, with only 2%.

Piper Jaffray asked more than 9,500 teenagers for their opinion on the survey. The company also maintains its Apple ” Overweight ” rating, with a price target of $ 243.

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