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Will the next iPhone have a less prominent camera?

Apple is trying to further improve the quality of iPhone photos and at the same time reduce the bump of the external camera by looking for the use of a group of lenses similar to a periscope inside the body of the iPhone.

In the last couple of patents for cameras granted to Apple, the company plans to further improve the image quality of future iPhones.

Both patents bear the name of ” System of bent lenses ” with three or five ” refraction lenses “. These patents show targets that are reflected through a prism, so they do not have to be placed directly from the back of the phone.

By positioning the lenses in this way, Apple could extend the distance between the sensor and the lenses, while reducing the size of the camera bump needed to support all the hardware, including an optical image stabilizer and autofocus.

Both patents differ when it comes to the number of objectives used, with one that opts for three while the other uses five. Each of the elements uses concave and convex elements to manipulate light, but they offer two different purposes.

The three-element configuration could offer a focal length between 80 and 200 mm (equivalent to 35 mm) and a field of view between 18 and 28 degrees, which makes it ideal for a telephoto lens. Meanwhile, the five-element configuration can be used as a standard “ wide ” camera with a focal view between 28 and 41 degrees with an equivalent focal length of 35 mm from 50 mm to 85 mm.

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