Apple thinks we wear the Apple Watch in the wrong way

We don’t need advice on how to wear any other watch, but Apple Watch comes with activity and health sensors that are influenced by how we wear it and Apple has now perfectly clarified how to wear the device.

Apple Watch has been launched for more than four years, so it should be clear by now how it should be worn, but Apple still thinks it has to tell us how to do it properly. The company has published a new support document (identified by Apple Insider that explains exactly how to wear an Apple Watch.

The long article covers not only the way Apple Watch should be worn but also the materials used to make it. The various straps for the device are also covered, so if you’ve ever wondered what was in your elegant mesh bracelet, you’ll know it now.

Apple makes it clear that it reduces the risk of Apple Watch causing skin reactions to the wearer.

Much care and research go into the choice of materials for all our devices. In addition to ensuring that all materials adhere to existing regulations, we have developed our Apple Watch specifications that go beyond these requirements. * In fact, every material that touches your skin has been subjected to a thorough evaluation in accordance with our specifications.

For best results, the back of our Apple Watch needs skin contact for features such as pulse detection, Taptic Engine and electrical and optical heart sensors. Wear the Apple Watch with the right fit – not too tight, not too wide and with space to let your skin breathe – it keeps us at ease and lets the sensors do their job. We may want to tighten the Apple Watch strap for training, and then loosen it once the training session is over. Furthermore, the sensors will only work if we wear the Apple Watch on the upper part of the wrist.

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