Dark Mode increases iPhone battery life by 30% [Video]

Dark Mode is one of the best features of iOS 13 and is spreading rapidly on third-party apps and websites.

A new PhoneBuff test aims to find out how much better the Dark Mode is for battery life.

Using an iPhone XS as a test device, PhoneBuff used robotic arms to perform various operations on iOS while using the clear appearance and dark appearance. This included using the Messages app, browsing Google Maps, watching a YouTube video, and more.

The end result is actually quite impressive. The PhoneBuff test found that the iPhone XS while using the Dark Mode, runs out of battery at a much slower pace than the iPhone XS which uses the clear appearance. When the iPhone XS in light mode downloaded, the iPhone XS in dark mode still had a battery life of 30%.

Here is the complete graph showing the comparison:

An important detail here is that the test was conducted with the displays set to a brightness of 200 nits. There are some differences in the brighter and darker brightness settings, but in all scenarios, the dark mode of the iPhone XS has surpassed that in the light mode.

Another important detail is that Dark Mode has the greatest effect on battery life for devices with OLED displays. This includes iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro, but not iPhone XR or iPhone 11.

Watch the full PhoneBuff video below to find out all the details.

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