Microsoft presents a new Office app for iOS and Android [Video]

Microsoft launches the beta version of the new Office app for iOS.

Microsoft has announced a new Office app for iOS and Android that brings together the features of Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one app. The new app, currently available in beta, simplifies work with different types of documents and also introduces some new features to improve productivity.

The Office app offers a simple and integrated experience that puts the tools needed to work on a cutting-edge mobile device. We started by combining existing Word, Excel and PowerPoint mobile apps in one app. In this way you gather all your Office documents in one place, reduce the need to switch between multiple apps and significantly reduce the amount of space used on the phone compared to multiple apps installed. We have therefore added new features that take advantage of the strengths of mobile devices, such as the camera. Finally, we’ve added a new action pane that helps you perform many of the common mobile tasks from a single location.

The integration of the camera allows you to easily convert photos of documents and tables into Word and Excel files , while for PowerPoint presentations we can easily import photos from the camera roll. The new Actions pane supports a series of common tasks such as creating PDFs from documents or photos, fingerprinting PDFs, scanning QR codes and transferring files.

The new Office iOS app is available for free in beta .

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