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WhatsApp is testing 2 types of Dark themes for iOS

One of the most anticipated and discussed features on WhatsApp is the dark mode. According to a report, WhatsApp for iOS will get two different versions of the dark mode.

Whether you’re using Android or iOS, the dark theme is all the rage right now. Both Android 10 and iOS 13 feature dark theme settings throughout the system and more and more apps include that option. Why? for a couple of reasons. At night, or in a dark room, the usual white background (with black text) can strain the user’s eyes, as opposed to the dark theme with black, or gray, and white text.

In addition to saving sight, there is another reason to activate the Dark theme; for phones with OLED displays, using the Dark theme can increase battery life . This is because OLED panels create black color by turning off all pixels in the appropriate area of ​​the screen ; the disabled pixels do not absorb energy from the battery . However, to save battery life, the Dark theme version used by an app must have a black background, not dark gray.

According to , WhatsApp is testing two different versions of the Dark theme  for iOS. It seems that when Apple released the dark mode for the entire system in iOS 13, the developers of the famous messaging app invented a new version of the Dark theme from scratch. states that two different configurations are under development. One uses a dark black background while the second configuration uses a lighter gray . The first variant would seem to offer the best saving in battery life . Both versions have the same configuration for dark bubbles.

lthough it is not clear which one will be found on the iOS version, the first configuration is the one that Facebook has decided to use for Instagram. The report assumes that the app itself could choose between the two options depending on the settings of the iOS device on which the app is installed.

Apparently, the Dark theme feature for WhatsApp is still under development, so it may take some time before it is implemented in the public version.

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