Apple will release the AR viewer with 3D scanning in 2022

Apple aims to release an augmented reality viewer in 2022, followed by a “more elegant” pair of augmented reality glasses by 2023.

The well-known Apple Ming-Chi Kuo analyst had previously stated that Apple is planning to release an AR viewer in 2020, but a new report suggests that the device could be released in 2022.

According to The Information , Apple currently aims to release an AR 2022 display, followed by a ” more elegant ” pair by 2023. The report states that the timeline was shared by Apple executives in an internal presentation to Apple Park employees in October.

During the meeting, the company talked about some of the features of the viewer, including ” 3D scanning” and ” advanced human detection “.

The report also states that Apple’s viewer will resemble that of the Oculus Quest virtual reality from Facebook released earlier this year, but with a more elegant design, adding that Apple wants to ” make heavy use of light fabrics and materials “To ensure that the device is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The viewer will be equipped with a high resolution display and cameras that allow users to ” read small characters ” and ” see other people standing in front of and behind virtual objects “. During the meeting, Apple executives stated that the technology will be able to map surfaces , edges and room sizes more accurately than existing devices on the market.

The AR Viewer, presumably with the code name N301, seems to be just one of Apple’s current AR / VR projects. The other is said to be a pair of AR glasses with the code name N421, with current prototypes that look like expensive sunglasses with ” thick frames that house the battery and the chips “. The final design may change.

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