Apple will lead the 5G smartphone market in 2020

According to a new report by the analysis company Strategy Analytics, although Apple has not yet realized an iPhone 5G, it should lead the 5G smartphone market in 2020.

The iPhone range is expected to adopt 5G cellular connectivity in 2020. New data published by Strategy Analytics states that with that transition Apple will become the leader in terms of 5G smartphone shipments .

The company predicts that with three new iPhone 5Gs next year, as suggested by the reports, Apple will become the market leader. Strategy Analytics director Ken Hyers predicts that, to achieve this, Apple simply needs to match current upgrade rates:

“It may seem counterintuitive that Apple, which currently has no 5G phones in its portfolio, will be able to outperform the current market leaders 5G Samsung and Huawei,” said Ken Hyers, director of Strategy Analytics. “But with three new 5G models coming next year, Apple simply has to adjust to the current upgrade rates for the newly introduced iPhone models to drive the market.”

Apple will offer 5G speeds for all its smartphones in order to compete better with low-cost Android smartphones that support 5G. We expect a total of three iPhones in 2020 , including a 5.4-inch model, a 6.7-inch model and a 6.1-inch model.

Even if Apple were to do well in the 5G smartphone market in 2020, Strategy Analytics ultimately believes that Samsung will be the long-term 5G leader thanks to its ” overall smartphone market dominance ” and a wider range of prices.

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