Apple expects strong demand for the iPhone 12

Apple has provided supply chain partners with its shipping forecasts for the iPhone 12, anticipating a significant increase in demand compared to the iPhone 11 series.

According to Digitimes , Apple told its supply chain partners to expect over 100 million orders for the iPhone 12 next year.

Apple is expected to sell about 80 million units of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro this year. A jump to 100 million or more would represent a significant increase in demand. This level of customer interest is apparently powered by the 5G ” super cycle ” , although it is expected that the iPhone 12 will have significant hardware upgrades compared to the last two years.

The Digitimes figure is presumably based on predictions that Apple has provided to its supply chain partners to enable them to start preparing for next year’s production. Even so, a 25% increase in sales of new iPhones in the second half of the year seems rather ambitious. In recent years, the iPhone business has grown by around 5% to 5%.

The iPhone 12 should support the 5G (with Qualcomm’s modem chip), it should have a new 3D time-of-flight detection camera system for augmented reality features and an iPhone 4-style design change .

Analysts largely expect that the expansion of 5G networks and carrier infrastructure will push customers to upgrade their phones. In the Android space, several manufacturers already offer 5G variants of their phones. However, generally they come as versions of more expensive phones and the lack of 5G service means that the current customer demand is low.

According to some rumors, the adoption of the 5G in the iPhone could lead to a significant increase in the price of the phone. This would be a departure from the 2019 strategy of maintaining consistent prices and actually lowering the starting price of the iPhone 11 by € 50. However, it is still too early to make assumptions about the prices of the next iPhone.

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