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iPhone 2020 bundled with AirPods? Apple is thinking about it

Apple could include AirPods in the iPhone 2020 convention

According to a new report from DigiTimes (via MacRumors ), Apple plans to create a bundle with its standard AirPods and the iPhone 2020 line.

The report states that ” smartphone makers including Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi are trying to regroup their new smartphone models with TWS headsets next year ,” citing unnamed industry sources. The ” TWS ” or ” truly wireless ” earphones include the AirPods (original or second generation) and the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

We are rather skeptical about this relationship due to the price of AirPods, which start at € 179. It is difficult to imagine that Apple would include such an expensive accessory in the package together with the new iPhones next year without increasing the price.

AirPods are also incredibly popular, so it’s hard to understand what drives Apple to include its popular wireless headphones along with iPhone 2020s, when millions of customers are clearly happy to buy them separately. In fact, the new AirPods Pro are so much in demand that Apple is doubling production .

Apple has included basic EarPods wired with a Lightning connector in the iPhone package for several years. These earphones probably cost very little to Apple for production, while on its website they cost only € 29 .

Although this rumor seems questionable for now, it is certainly possible that Apple simply feels that it is time to include something more modern than the EarPods with its iPhones. It is said that the AirPods are the most widely sold earphones in the world , and grouping them with iPhone would do nothing but extend this advantage.

If that happens, we would imagine that the AirPods were bundled only with high-end iPhone 12 Pro models.

What do you think? Do you think Apple will include AirPods in the iPhone pack in 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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