CES 2020: OtterBox announces the first antibacterial screen protector for iPhone

At CES, OtterBox announced the first glass screen protector for iPhone with integrated antibacterial technology approved by the EPA. The new Amplify Glass screen protector offers protection from scratches and drops and germs.

OtterBox has presented the new Amplify Glass antimicrobial screen protector which uses proprietary ionic silver infused into the glass to offer antimicrobial power that does not degrade over time.

In addition to the anti-germ design, the company also claims that it offers users impressive resistance to scratches and falls and is easy to install.

“We use our phones every day and take them with us wherever we go, even in some spaces that are not entirely sanitary,” said Jim Parke, CEO of OtterBox. “Amplify Glass now has proprietary anti-microbial technology that suppresses the growth of numerous common spots and bacteria that cause bad smells to protect the surface of the screen protector.”

OtterBox hasn’t revealed release or pricing information yet, but said it will be available on OtterBox.com soon.

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