AirPods are worth more than Spotify, Twitter, Snap and Shopify

The AirPods have been a hit since their launch in December 2016

AirPods are estimated to have generated revenue of approximately $ 2.25 billion in 2017 , $ 5.25 billion in 2018 and an impressive $ 12 billion in 2019 . That’s about 4.5% of iPhone’s total revenue from the last period.

If AirPods were a company, that company would be worth about $ 60 billion at the moment.

Kevin Rooke has published a chart that compares the business of wireless headsets with some of the largest tech companies. In 2018, AirPods’ revenue grew 133% compared to 2017 and in 2019 revenue  increased another 128% from 2018.

Here’s what Apple’s headphone revenue looks like compared to some of the world’s leading tech companies:

AirPods earns as much money as Spotify, Twitter, Snap and Shopify put together . And considering their two-digit three-year growth, popular wireless headsets may outperform Uber in 2020.

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