WhatsApp: beware of the New Year virus!

A fake WhatsApp greeting message could infect our device

A greeting message risks infecting our smartphone. With this method, some unidentified hackers are spreading a virus through Whatsapp , which is creating moodiness among users of Facebook’s instant messaging application in these hours .

The virus hides inside a simple greeting message that seems to be sent by one of our contacts with an attached link that invites us to open a ” private message “.

The link inside the message can create problems for both Android smartphones and iPhones:

“[Sender’s name] sent you a private message !! Click NOW this link to read the message “

After clicking on the link, malware  is installed on the device – in this case it is an adware  – which significantly slows web browsing by loading a large number of advertising banners that may be invisible to users. Aside from this slowdown, the virus shouldn’t allow hackers to take over the data stored on the smartphone.

If you should receive this message DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK For users who accidentally clicked on the link, our advice is to reset the smartphone to avoid slowdowns during normal use of the device or while browsing the web.

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