Apple Watch’s “High Heart Rate” feature saves yet another life

Apple Watch warns a YouTuber of tachycardia caused by dehydration and stress

YouTuber Joel Telling says his Apple Watch warned him of a high heart rate. His smartwatch informed him that his heart rate had been over 120 beats per minute for more than 10 minutes , prompting him to seek medical attention.

Following Apple Watch’s notification, Telling went to the emergency room, where doctors determined that he suffered from tachycardia . The Mayo Clinic describes tachycardia as the faster heart beat than it should during rest. It is normal for heart rate to increase during exercise or stress, but tachycardia is when this occurs during rest.

According to Telling, doctors performed a series of tests that showed no pulmonary embolism or irregular heart rate activity. The most likely cause of tachycardia, says Telling, was ” stress and dehydration from recent trips “. He was given fluids in the hospital and his heart rate returned to normal.

In Telling’s situation, his Apple Watch warned him of a high heart rate that was easily treated and without long-term effects. Thanks to Apple Watch, he was able to seek timely emergency care , which highlights how powerful the passive health monitoring features of the device are. The Mayo Clinic points out that tachycardia can lead to heart failure, stroke or even death.

Apple Watch allows us to set a notification threshold for ” High heart rate “. When we set it, our Apple Watch will send a push notification when it detects a heart rate above that threshold during a 10-minute period of inactivity. Here’s how to customize high and low heart rate alerts on Apple Watch:

  • We open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone.
  • On the Notifications tab, select Heart.
  • Tap High heart rate, then choose a BPM.
  • Tap Low heart rate, then choose a BPM.

Telling runs a popular YouTube channel where he is known as ” 3D printing nerd “.

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