Apple launches new Apple Watch Connected program

The “Apple Watch Connected” program will offer training prizes in participating gyms

Apple has announced the launch of the new Apple Watch Connected program which is expected to benefit both gyms and gym-goers.

The program will reward gym goers who use an Apple Watch to track their workouts, with incentives that vary by gym. At participating Crunch Fitness locations, for example, members can earn up to $ 4 off the cost of their membership per week if they achieve certain activity goals, according to CNBC .

Thanks to this program, gyms could attract new customers who use an Apple Watch to monitor workouts and see greater loyalty from existing members.

It’s free for gyms to join the Apple Watch Connected program , as long as they meet the requirements, including having iPhone and Apple Watch apps to track workouts, offer rewards and incentives, and accept Apple Pay. Apple also encourages gyms to offer GymKit compatible equipment for better synchronization with Apple Watch.

For the time being, four gym chains are launching support for the program in the United States including Basecamp Fitness, Crunch Fitness, Orangetheory Fitness and YMCA.

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