Netflix now allows us to disable automatic playback of content previews

Netflix has responded to requests from its customers by creating a way to disable the autoplay feature of the previews.

Netflix has announced the launch of a new switch that will allow its users to disable autoplay previews. Which has been a controversial Netflix feature for years.

While browsing, the service is designed to play previews of the content you stop on, which usually includes a trailer. To date, it has not offered any option to disable these previews.

We cannot change this setting from the app, so we will need to access our account on the web. The change will be applied to all devices from which we access our account.

How to disable automatic playback of previews on Netflix

  • We log into our Netflix account on the web
  • We choose Manage profiles from the menu (you may need to click on the profile icon in the top right corner first)
  • We choose the profile you want to update
  • Uncheck the box next to ” Automatically play previews while browsing on all devices “.
  • Click on Save

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