Apple doesn’t allow villains to use iPhones in movies

In an interview with Vanity Fair , Rian Johnson, who directed the popular film ” Knives Out “, shared interesting news about the use of iPhone films. Apple allows you to use iPhones in movies, but under one condition, devices can’t be used by bad characters .

Apple is known for having strict rules on how devices are used, portrayed and photographed. As part of the guidelines for the use of Apple trademarks and copyrights, for example, the company states that its products should be shown ” in the best light, in a way or context that is favorably reflected on Apple products. and on Apple Inc. “

Given this curiosity of Johnson, who is a highly respected director, many people could watch films with a much more keen eye on the devices that actors and actresses are using to discover more hidden details.

Johnson also made a short film last year using only the iPhone 11 Pro  with integrated lenses. This is in contrast to the many films that claim to be ” shot on the iPhone ” but actually use cinematic lenses and stabilizers, with the iPhone itself being used only as a capture device.

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